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If you’re into long soft brown hair and tanned skin then I am your girl. I have a great tan with no tan lines and I spend three hours a day in the gym keeping my body firm and flexible. I can do cartwheels and back flips and yes, I can do a full split. You will find when you take me in your arms that you have your hands full. I can be gentle if you want me to but most of my clients want to feel my power. I give great massages and I’m a lot of fun to wrestle with. You don’t have to worry about hurting me. I like it a little rough.

Letting loose and unleashing my passions is what I live for. When you call me to be your companion for the evening you should expect things to get physical. I’m all for the getting to know you and being a pleasant companion stuff but I like a man who looks at me and just wants my body. I’m okay with being an object. You can look at me with desire and not be afraid I’ll take it as an insult. I’m flattered and I’d be disappointed if after all this work I do on my body you didn’t desire me physically. You can have me. Just call and invite me over.

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