My name is Randi and I have been in this country a little over a year now. I’m originally from Scotland and I am definitely all blonde everywhere. My eyes are blue, my skin is pale white and soft, and my lips are full and considered very sexy by all men. In Scotland I lived on a ranch and wasn’t allowed to be with men at all. I came to the United States and I find I can’t get enough. I love men and I want to be with you tonigh soo bad.

I also love American music and would like to dance for you. Pour me a glass of wine and put a CD in and I will show you my sexy moves. I have costumes that show off my body and will make you very excited. My English is not so good but I know how to make a man happy. Just give me a chance. I want to please you and will do what you tell me to do if it will make you smile. Everything for me is new and different so I’m willing to try anything if you say I will like it.

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