Nikki Lee

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Tell me why you love blondes so much. Is it because you like to see my hair swinging in the breeze or fanned out on the sheets when I’m lying on your bed? Do you look at me and wonder if I am a natural blonde? I’d be happy to answer that question, even show you proof if you’re nice to me. Like most blondes I really love to play. You can pick the game and I will give it my best to meet your expectations. Make it interesting and please make it something you’re going to play too.

I love music and will dance with you or for you any time you like. We can go out and have dinner and drinks or stay in and watch a little TV. If you’re looking for companionship for any reason tonight then I am your girl. Las Vegas is supposed to be about fun and meeting new people so spend your time here alone tonight. I am here, I love men, and I want to be with you tonight. Call me and I’ll come to you. Most of the time I can be there within an hour so call right now and you could be with me before you finish unpacking.

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