For a good time call … me. I’m Song and I love to have a good time. Anything that will make me smile, laugh or gasp with pleasure is at the top of my list tonight. I’m small, petite, Asian and adventurous. You can see by my picture that I am also beautiful and you will not be disappointed when you meet me in person. I keep myself in great shape and I’m the type of girl you’ll be proud to have on your arm when you walk into a fancy restaurant.

I like fine dining and dancing but I’m just as comfortable wearing sweats and having pizza and beer for dinner. I’m a fan of all kinds of sports, both indoor and out, and I enjoy physical activities when I’m alone or with a partner. You and I can spend some time together and I’m sure that I will find something you like and help you enjoy it. I’m not a pushover but my main goal will be to make you happy. Give me a call this evening and let’s have some fun together. I promise you that it will be the best decision you make while you’re in Las Vegas.

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