The sky’s the limit when you hook up with Skylar. Nothing turns me on more than the words “no limit” or “let it ride”. I love a man who likes to take chances and I love being with a guy who doesn’t stop gambling just because he lost a game or two. Let me kiss the cards or blow on the dice and I guarantee your luck will turn around one way or another. You might win and you might lose but you can be sure you’ll be smiling before the night is over if you’re with me.

I love the limelight and I can’t get enough of casino action. I like to play the role of hot girlfriend to married guys who are in Vegas just trying to have a little fun. I don’t care if you have a ring on your finger and a wife at home. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I’ll never tell. Take me by the hand, tell me what you want me to wear, and let me know what you want me to do. I’m open-minded, love public exhibitions, and always up for new experiences. Call me and I’ll meet you at your hotel in a few hours.

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